Back in 2009 I had the bright idea after seeing the NVIDIA website describing CUDA that well CUDA technology was going to change the way we lived and worked especially in science. I posted about the concept of using CUDA for doing crystallography on my forum. I also told the academic I started working with in Liverpool (a year later) that this would be a game changer.

Well I dabbled in CUDA with the normal tools of crystallography those of George Sheldrick recompiling the code and general just dipping my toy into the grand sea of programing potential that was out there.

My graphic cards were state of the art at the time but still lacked double-precision but that is no longer the case and CUDA is now growing massively in science.

The other day I came across a journal article on using CUDA for crystallography. Unfortunately I’ve misplaced it but as soon as I find it I will add a link to this page.