At the moment I’m trying to decide what to do with all the crystal structures I have finished over the years but have never been published. I’ve got hundreds in my PhD thesis (see the linked gallery below) and I was thinking that I should do two things with them.

  1. Put all the CIFs on here in a publically accessible way and
  2. Upload/submit all the CIFs into the CCDC & COD.

Now this is a tad controversial because by releasing my data into the databases this “could” jeopardize my ability to publish the structures in a larger paper at another date. Which is a bit sad really. You help the community but damage yourself. However I think it has been long enough since my PhD for my PhD structures to be published in this manner.

The next issue is how to deposit hundreds of CIFs at once? I was thinking wrapped multi-CIF but for now I am still thinking about it.

What this space for more than just pictures of structures!

Since moving away from WordPress this gallery is sadly broken. It will return bigger and better in the future.