East Yorkshire Coast I graduated in chemistry from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST, University of Manchester) in 1999 coming top of my year and winning several awards including The Royal Society Of Chemistry Prize for the Most Outstanding Student Graduating in Chemistry and obtained my PhD from the same university in 2003.

I then joined Daresbury laboratory in Cheshire working on the Synchrotron Radiation Source (SRS) - the world’s first synchrotron radiation facility dedicated for scientific research. He began working as a station scientist in the field of single crystal X-ray diffraction on Station 9.8 and brought online a second beamline 16.2 SMX. Over the five and half years running the world leading single crystal facility at the SRS I developed a wide network of collaborators, an international reputation in synchrotron SMX as well as creating advanced materials analysis techniques pioneering and specialising in non-ambient chemical crystallography.

With the closure of the SRS in 2008 I moved on to several senior research associate posts first at the University of Bath - continuing my work in non-ambient techniques whilst also lecturing ‘Atmospheric Environmental & Nuclear Chemistry’. Then to a senior research associate post at the University of Liverpool working in the area of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and porous materials.

More recently I have taken up the post of X-ray Diffraction Senior Experimental Officer within the School of Materials at the University of Manchester. Where I have great fun mixing x-ray diffraction characterisation techniques with programming, equipment development and novel material design covering a massively diverse field of subjects from nuclear to pharmaceutical industries.

This new post fits perfectly with my interests which cover a wide range of research fields from pharmaceutical/crystal engineering, materials, technology, environmental and energy sciences. I am passionate about the development of “hyphenated” techniques – in situ diffraction experiments which combine with the ability to change the materials environment dynamically be that temperature, atmosphere, pressure or to expose a crystal to external stimulus, lasers, magnetic fields or electricity. “Through which we can develop a better understanding of the atomic structure and the relation to the macro-properties to build better materials and systems”.

In my private time I am an avid Linux user and founder of the xrayforum.co.uk.

Curriculum Vitae

A senior research associate with over 15 years experience in chemical research and crystallography. I pioneered and specialised in non-ambient chemical crystallography having spent five years running the world leading single crystal facility at the Synchrotron Radiation Source, Daresbury. To date I have co-authored over 150 papers, co-supervised three successful PhD students and a PDRA. I am an avid Linux user, write my own Python, PHP and Fortran code and the founder of xrayforum.co.uk. I am looking for new opportunities both in and outside of academia and have a strong interest in technology, environmental and energy science.

I am currently updating my academic and commercial CV. They are available on request by contact.

Contact If you are trying to get in touch with me please join the xForum (registration required) and private message (PM) me.

For general crystallography related questions please post to the xForum unless we have an existing collaboration or if you would like to start a commercial consultancy arrangement then contact me via my work email address (University of Manchester).